To achieve our main objective, in Anèl·lides, serveis ambientals marins we participate in the following projects:

The BioMARató is a way to compete in a friendly way with other cities and participate in one of the largest citizen science events.

MINKA is a citizen science platform created by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM- CSIC) to record biodiversity observations.

Which equipment do you need to participate?

If you sign up for one of the organized outings:
You don’t need any materials, we provide everything you need.

How do I share my observations?

  • Registering in MINKA  and sharing there your pictures.
  • Trying to identify the species you photographed There are experts who will help you with identification.
  • MINKA Tutorial

Why participate?

You’re acting for a sustainable future. You contribute to scientific knowledge and help improve the management of our coasts. You learn about biodiversity, the environment, sustainability and species identification.

How MINKA works?

Any doubts?

Contact us at and we will solve all your doubts!


Beaches in Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besòs and Badalona


The target audience is the general population of Barcelonès from the age of 8 with good swimming ability.


Citizen science project