To achieve our main objective, in Anèl·lides serveis ambientals marins we offer the following activities:

Course to discover the marine biodiversity

Through a theoretical explanation, we differentiate the large groups of organisms present on the Catalan coasts and learn about the main species that can be observed on our coast.

During the subsequent dive we can explore the richness of the Barcelonès, Maresme or Garraf beaches and we end the morning with an identification workshop where, with the help of the educators and specialized guides, we recognize the species observed during the immersion


  • Bringing scientific knowledge closer to regular users of the marine environment.

  • Know the characteristics of the main habitats and landscapes that can be found on the Catalan seabed.

  • Differentiate the large groups of organisms present in the Mediterranean and, in particular, on the Catalan coasts.

  • Identify the main species that can be observed during a dive or snorkelling activity.

  • Discover the ecology and behavior of the species present in Mediterranean marine ecosystems.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly diving.





Beginner and professional divers