To achieve our main objective, in Anèl·lides, serveis ambientals marins we participate in the following projects:

MINKE: Metrology for Integrated marine management and Knowledge-transfer network

MINKE is an INFRAIA European metrology project led by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) that helps provide the necessary research infrastructure to improve the quality of oceanographic data for the different European actors in charge of monitoring and managing marine ecosystems.

MINKE brings together 16 key European marine metrology research infrastructures to create an innovative ‘quality of oceanographic data’ framework, with identifying the Essential Ocean Variables (EOV) as the key parameters to monitor, and adopting a multidimensional framework of data quality: accuracy + completeness.

The role of Anèl·lides, serveis ambientals marins, in this project is to create cross-border and networking activities to bring citizens closer to the sea: marine biology and oceanography, as well as citizen science.

Specific objectives

As an INFRAIA project, networking, transnational-virtual access, and joint research are the main activities that aim to lay the groundwork for creating the necessary synergies among the different involved actors in the quintuple helix innovation model. MINKE will define the following objectives with each INFRAIA activity:

At the networking level, MINKE will mainly:

  • Allow for better use of existing Research Infrastructures (RIs) and stimulate collaboration across research fields, production systems and national borders.

  • Provide a system for harmonized and optimized access to state-of-the-art marine RIs, including those linked with citizen science (through transnational or virtual access).

  • Develop and implement a TNA-VA program that places MINKE RIs at the core of addressing key European research challenges in a coordinated way.

Phases and activities

Within this project we are coordinating and executing the following activities:

Dissemination capsules of marine biodiversity

More capsules in our YouTube Channel:



Supported by:


Beaches in Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Badalona and Montgat




The target audience for the project is:

To the general public of Barcelonès from the age of 14 with a good ability to swim.

Divers with Open Water certificate


Citizen science project