To achieve our main objective, in Anèl·lides, serveis ambientals marins we participate in the following projects:

UrbamarBio: exploring marine biodiversity through citizen science

UrbamarBio is a citizen science project that encourage public participation in research and promotes awareness of the coast and marine richness in Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Badalona and Montgat, strengthing the connection between citizens and urban natural resources, increasing their sence of ownership and co-responsibility in the preservation and conservation of these resources.


The main objective is to promote citizen science and value the natural resources of the coast of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, detecting the marine and coastal species present on its beaches through collective actions, which will be snorkeling and diving activities where all the biodiversity seen is photographed and reported in the citizen science platform MINKA.

Specific objectives

  • Bring science closer and stimulate citizen participation in scientific processes and data collection

  • Encourage experimentation and practical science among the youngest

  • Raise awareness about marine biodiversity in the beaches close to the particiaptns to promote their sustainable use and its preservation

  • Deepen the observation and knowledge of urban biodiversity

  • Creat the first species identification guide of the Barcelonès coast made through citizen participation

Phases and activities

This project started in 2016 and now have more than 800 species registered on the Barcelonès beaches and more than 30.000 biodiversity observations. Thanks to all this scientific data, the first Barcelonès Participatory Guide has been published and the fish layer of the Barcelona City Council Atlas has been created.


Biodiversity data from the UrbamarBio project

This project is led by:

With the collaboration of:

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Beaches of Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Badalona and Montgat



The target audience is:

Summer schools and youth centers taking place in coastal neighborhoods of the cities.

General population of Barcelonès from the age of 14 with good swimming ability.

Divers with at least Open Water certificate.


Citizen science project