To achieve our main objective, in Anèl·lides, servies ambientals marins we divide our services into several programs:



We offer coastal and marine studies where we carry out biological control and monitoring, as well as we prepare technical reports and action plans for marine areas where we make proposals to improve the marine ecosystem.

Executed examples

The role of Anèl·lides has been to monitor the biodiversity of the Garraf artificial reefs. An analysis of the data obtained through various scientific dives has been made and a comparison with previous years to see what the evolution has been over time.

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The role of Anèl·lides has been to obtain coordinates of the limits of Posidonia oceanica grasslands in the study regions in order to be able to delimit these areas. Using multi-beam probes and scientific dives to corroborate the data from the probes, the different coordinates are obtained, which make it possible to create maps of the study area of interest.

From Anèl·lides we have promoted the participation of citizens in scientific projects to obtain a greater number of data on marine biodiversity and thus have a record of it.

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