What is TuriMarBa?

Thanks to TuriMarBa, we promote responsible tourism in the coastal region of Barcelona and Catalonia, organizing various outreach and education activities with the marine environmental consultancy Oceanogami. Within this project, we increase awareness of the plastics issue, move towards marine environmental responsibility, and promote Barcelona’s marine biodiversity in the tourism sector, as well as help find appropriate solutions for responsible tourism. This is how Barcelona can become a reference point for responsible and environmental marine tourism.

Main objectives

  • Promote awareness of the marine litter problem, as well as find solutions to promote recycling and the local and circular economy.
  • Approach and contribute to recycling and waste reuse through artistic recycling. 
  • Critically evaluate human intervention in the environment and embrace behaviors that favor the protection of the natural environment. 
  • Raise awareness of the biodiversity on the beaches of Barcelona, which are very close and very unknown at the same time.

In collaboration with:



  • Beaches of Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area


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