In Anèl·lides,  we work to promote the conservation and teaching of the marine environment through:iphone-icon-retina

  • knowledge, learning concepts and practices about the marine environment,

  • sensitization, fostering critical thinking and ecological awareness and transmitting values,

  • disclosure, reaching as much people as possible,

  • education, as a participatory, liberating and continuous instrument that supports change and hope,

  • and recreation, transmitting the culture of the sea in a fun way

These are essential tools to deal with the current problems related the sea and the coast.


In Anèl·lides, marine environmental services, we want to be a recognized reference in the transformation of our environment, moving towards a society that respects the marine environment, in which all people can enjoy this space with the maximum knowledge.


In Anèl·lides, marine environmental services, we formulate the following values ​​as basic criteria:


We conceive new ethical references and establish a feeling of shared responsibility regarding the state of the environment.


We carry out the role of the company with diligence and seriousness.


We allow the message we provide to be clearly understood and we ascertain that the message expressing the values of the company is received.


We use the best and updated scientific information and resources available to deal with environmental issues that affect the sea and coast.


Inclusion and integration

We promote the employment inclusion of women and we make sure that all the members of the company feel identified with our projects, strengthening the feeling of inclusion through the contribution of opinions and ideas to improve.

Citizen participation

We encourage and involve the participation of local communities in the resolution of environmental problems.

Independence and professional rigor

We guarantee rigor and technical competence as communicators, informers and educators; and the independence of other companies, administrations, political and trade unions.